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Northern California Electronic

Power Supplies, Embedded Power–AC/DC Power Supplies and Board-Mounted Isolated and Non-isolated DC/DC Converters.

Mixed Signal Semiconductors Sensors-Magnetic: Hall, Tri-axis, Rotation Angle and E-Compass, Current Sensors and Gas Sensors.Audio Devices-DACs, ADCs, CODECs, SRCs and DSPs.Other specialty devices-BLE Transmission IC, Energy Harvesting IC, mmWave Radar Transceiver.Crystal IS Division-UVC LED’s, Modules and Systems

ESD protection solutions, EMI + ESD, Interface ICs and Analog ICs.

75 Ohm BNC, DIN 1.0/2.3 and MicroBNC coaxial connectors for video applications up to 12Ghz. Bespoke connectors and cable assemblies. CXP Repeaters for CoaxPress and Machine Vision applications.

LCD Display technology, specializing in full custom and modified standards. Touch Screen, Tape Automated Bonding and Plug-n-Play Smart Embedded Solution.

Enclosures, Cooling, Accessories, Non-Metallic Products

Fastening Systems. Huckbolt and Structural Fasteners, Marson Rivets and Rivet Nuts, Recoil Wire Inserts, Keysert Inserts, Camloc Latches, Quick Release Fasteners and Keenserts, Simmonds Self-Locking Nuts.

Optoelectronics, LEDs, LED Displays, Optical Sensors, Emitters and Detectors. Photocouplers/Interrupters. LiteOn Power- Power Supplies-Wall Adapters.

Micro-sized Crystals and Oscillator Modules. Tuning Fork Crystals, Real Time Clocks, AT & HFF Crystals, Oscillators and OCXO.

Bundle, Route, Protect, Terminate & Identify Cable Management Solutions

Industrial & Commercial Construction Cable, Medium Voltage Cable, Aluminum Feeder Cable

Torque SolutionsPosition Hinges, Torque Inserts, Clutches, Precision Springs

Lithium Batteries, Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery Packs, and Battery Holders.

Highly engineered Tape, Foam, Thermal, EMI/EMC and Label Materials

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