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Southern California Electronic

Hardware Fasteners. Electronic component and peripheral products.

High Quality Wheel and Caster Solutions

75 Ohm BNC, DIN 1.0/2.3 and MicroBNC coaxial connectors for video applications up to 12Ghz. Bespoke connectors and cable assemblies. CXP Repeaters for CoaxPress and Machine Vision applications.

Custom injection and blow molding. Compression Molding. Insert and Over Molding. Foam-In-Place Gasketing. 30-1000T Automated Press capability. Manufacturing in USA.

Fastening Systems. Huckbolt and Structural Fasteners, Marson Rivets and Rivet Nuts, Recoil Wire Inserts, Keysert Inserts, Camloc Latches, Quick Release Fasteners and Keenserts, Simmonds Self-Locking Nuts.

Bundle, Route, Protect, Terminate & Identify Cable Management Solutions

Mechanical and Fabricated Components. Access Hardware, Screws, Nuts, Plastic Inserts, Spacers, Washers and Self-Clinching Nuts, Standoffs and Studs. Inventory management solutions. Quick-turn prototypes.

Standard and customer specific solutions encompassing micro & standard fastener sizes.

Barry Fitzgerald Outside Sales 714-869-2099

Brett Lessing Outside Sales 408-342-2477

Lynn Pettinato 530-745-5600 Inside Sales