Providing superior sales, marketing, and account management service by partnering with best-in-class manufacturers to deliver electrical solutions that exceed expectations.

Connecting you to the resources you need.



Through our experienced inside and outside sales teams, we represent first-tier electrical manufacturers focusing on quality products, innovation, energy savings, and best-in-class customer service levels.



Our goal is to be a resource to our account base and manufacturing partners. We strive to match our customers’ requirements with our manufacturing partners’ capabilities.



Ewing-Foley is a design-driven company working to increase mindshare with customers for our manufacturers, providing complete sales and marketing services to the Electrical (Industrial, Commercial, and Construction) industries.

Vertical Markets We Serve

Electrical Line Cards

Explore our line cards to find the manufacturers in your division and region.

Solutions for Electrical Customers

Solutions for Electrical Contractors

Electrical contractors need timely, accurate information coordinated between channel distributor partners and the factory. We also work with contractor customers who have
multiple locations and project managers, coordinating and managing projects throughout the western United States.

Solutions for End Customers

Our consultive selling, no-pressure model is desired by end customers searching for solutions or interested in new technologies. Sometimes we may not even represent what they are looking for, but we can facilitate introductions or other relationships to get the job done.

Solutions for Distributors

Ewing-Foley serves diverse distribution partners across multiple trading areas with consistent systems, support, and sales coverage. This is more efficient for distributors and op-cos operating in multiple trading areas.

Solutions for Manufacturers

Ewing-Foley represents manufacturers desiring both “specification” and
“commercial/commodity” expertise; our largest principals require both selling disciplines. Our sales force includes sales professionals who focus on these sales functions.

Pathway Expertise

We understand how complex pathway engineering can be and strive to offer innovative systems that provide long-term maintenance and management benefits while minimizing capital expenditure. Our forward-thinking pathway solutions ensure high ROI, enabling customers to achieve optimal pathway efficiency from start to finish.

Training for Electricians

We offer continuing education credit courses for Licensed Journeymen Electricians.

Distributor Merchandising Services

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We strive to be the most professional and resourceful Sales & Marketing team for both our account base and our manufacturer partners.