Why EFI?

Corporate administrative, operational, marketing, and IT staff spread operating costs over multiple P&L divisions.

Ewing-Foley serves a diverse account base across multiple trading areas with consistent systems, support, and sales coverage. This is more efficient for manufacturers and customers operating in multiple trading areas.

Ewing-Foley lines are ‘application synergistic,’ providing incremental opportunities that would not exist with disparate sales channels.

Ewing-Foley represents lines desiring both “specification” and “commercial/commodity” expertise; our largest principals require both selling disciplines. Ewing-Foley’s sales force includes sales professionals who focus on these sales functions.

NEMRA Rep Of The Future

By limiting employment issues like insurance, taxation, payroll expenses, etc., in each state, manufacturers can benefit from a rep management philosophy that includes long-term succession planning and a commitment to NEMRA’s Five Pillars (product expertise, demand generation, planning, marketing, and technology) to the Rep Of The Future.

Connect with Us

We strive to be the most professional and resourceful Sales & Marketing team for both our account base and our manufacturer partners.