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Ewing-Foley understands that well-designed IT infrastructure is the key to successful business growth. We work tirelessly with customers from all industries to help meet ambitious IT & Business goals; leveraging Ewing-Foley’s expertise can provide you with a powerful competitive advantage!


Infrastructure Experts

Our leading technology solutions are designed for today and the future. With our help, you can ensure efficiently integrated systems that keep pace with industry innovations – from unprecedented cost savings in cloud computing to revolutionary opportunities in virtual worlds. It’s time to create an infrastructure of tomorrow: let Ewing-Foley take you there!



Our team is passionate about providing unparalleled resources to our accounts and the manufacturers we proudly represent – allowing us to make lasting connections.

Vertical Markets We Serve

Networking Line Cards

Explore our line cards to find the manufacturers in your division and region.

Solutions for Networking Customers

Data Center

Ewing-Foley provides an unparalleled level of service when it comes to data center needs. We tap into our well-established partnerships with manufacturers and offer clients a complete solution that fully optimizes physical and intelligent infrastructure elements.


We understand how complex pathway engineering can be and strive to offer innovative systems that provide long-term maintenance and management benefits while minimizing capital expenditure. Our forward thinking pathway solutions ensures high ROI, enabling clients achieve optimal pathway efficiency from start to finish.


Our enterprise network infrastructure ensures that your business remains interconnected with reliable performance. EFI provides comprehensive solutions keeping you connected to the people, information, and technology necessary for achieving success in today’s competitive market.

Connected AV

With our advanced AV technologies, clients easily maintain a connected and collaborative working environment. Our robust product suite makes it simple to install and operate collaboration solutions of any size – from extended enterprise deployments to smaller classroom options. Partner with us for the highest-performance audiovisual
experience: effortless connectivity & user-friendly platforms. Let’s work together to create an engaging & collaborative workspace.

Industrial Networking

We help run factories smarter with fewer risks. Our ultra-reliable manufacturer partners supply physical industrial networking solutions that withstand even the most demanding conditions while allowing our manufacturer customers to capture data via cutting edge technologies.

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