Why Use a Manufacturers' Rep?

Comprehensive Market Coverage

Being on a line card with an appropriate synergistic mix of lines sold by experienced salespeople is a powerful concept. Complementary, multiple line selling creates a synergistic effect with a broader yet better-defined customer base. A single visit to customers using a “consultive” approach, covering multiple products, ultimately saves the customer time and money. This scales to comprehensive market coverage, deeper account penetration, and increased sales.

Manufacturers that market their products through manufacturers’ representatives and the variable cost of sales model realize increased capital flexibility for product development, expansion, R&D, and efficiency to offer our mutual customers superior products at competitive prices.

NEMRA Rep Of The Future

By limiting employment issues like insurance, taxation, payroll expenses, etc., in each state, manufacturers can benefit from a rep management philosophy that includes long-term succession planning and a commitment to NEMRA’s Five Pillars (product expertise, demand generation, planning, marketing, and technology) to the Rep Of The Future.

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