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Northern California Electrical

Conduit Fittings, Explosion Proof products, Plugs & Receptacles, & Industrial Lighting

Fixing, Fastening Support Products for Pathway Solutions

Energy Systems, Heating Cables

Electrical Protection Solutions

Safe and Flexible Solution for Electrical Power Conductors

Electrical tools, voltage testing, and wire management solutions.

Enclosures, Cooling, Accessories, Non-Metallic Products

Manufacturer of power and grounding connectors and accessories.

High quality switchgear & equipment

Quality Pliers & Associated Tools

Fuses, Surge Protection, Low Voltage, Disconnects & Power Distribution Blocks

Wire & Cable Products

Service Entrance Pedestals, Electrical Service & Metering Pedestals

Bundle, Route, Protect, Terminate & Identify Cable Management Solutions

PVC Conduit & Fittings

Industrial & Commercial Construction Cable, Medium Voltage Cable, Aluminum Feeder Cable

Steel EMT & Galvanized Rigid Conduit, Elbows, Couplings & Nipples.

Power Supplies, Transformers, UPS

Firestop Protection Systems

Push Wire Junction Boxes, Connectors & Luminaire Disconnect LUMI-NUTS

Wire mesh cabletray products & solutions

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