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Southern California Networking

Fixing, Fastening Support Products for Pathway Solutions

Sound Masking Solutions

Innovative racks, cabinets, cable management, rack/row liquid cooling, rack power distribution solutions and networking accessories.

Cabinets, Racks, Cable Management to Copper Solutions, to Fiber Optics, Labeling, and Grounding Systems for the Data Center

High performance copper and fiber optic cable products for network applications

Firestop Protection Systems

Innovative and dependable products for processing and splicing optical fibers

Wire mesh cabletray products & solutions

Bill George Director of Sales 415-990-2320

Jimmy Boyd Outside Sales 562-565-0783

Mike Davis Outside Sales 714-421-3087

Nate Lum Outside Sales 949-395-9209

Ronald Cauchi VP Networking Division 510-410-5277

Steven Rickard Pathway Specialist 714-397-5463

Tyler Lewis Sales Specialist 408-342-2455

Kristy Gilding 530-745-5603 Inside Sales