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Washington Territory Electrical

Conduit Fittings, Explosion Proof products, Plugs & Receptacles, & Industrial Lighting

Fixing, Fastening Support Products

GE Lamps & Ballasts

Energy Systems, Heating Cables

Electrical Protection Solutions

Safe and Flexible Solution for Electrical Power Conductors

Electrical tools, voltage testing, and wire management solutions.

Enclosures, Cooling, Accessories, Non-Metallic Products

Manufacturer of power and grounding connectors and accessories.

High quality switchgear & equipment

Quality Pliers & Associated Tools

Plugs & Receptacles

Power Tools, Hand Tools & Accessories

Wire & Cable Products

Service Entrance Pedestals, Electrical Service & Metering Pedestals

Bundle, Route, Protect, Terminate & Identify Cable Management Solutions

Industrial & Commercial Construction Cable, Medium Voltage Cable, Aluminum Feeder Cable

Steel EMT & Galvanized Rigid Conduit, Elbows, Couplings & Nipples

Power Supplies, Transformers, UPS

Firestop Protection Systems

Wire mesh cabletray products & solutions

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