Solutions for Oil and Gas

About Oil & Gas

Ewing-Foley’s expanse of top-tier manufacturing partners provides an array of solutions for oil and gas production, from onshore, offshore, storage terminals, transportation, and gas processing. Our comprehensive portfolio of products and services can help you meet performance goals in an ever-changing market with operational challenges.

Electrical and Networking challenges in Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas production requires careful consideration of electrical and networking needs to ensure safe, efficient, and profitable operations. With the increasing complexity of oil and gas projects, it is essential to understand the challenges associated with power distribution, network connectivity, infrastructure requirements, and more. To achieve a successful outcome at each stage of the project lifecycle, it is necessary to evaluate the current systems, develop suitable plans for future implementations, and make the appropriate decisions regarding electrical and networking requirements. Furthermore, Oil and Gas operations have unique safety considerations that must be accounted for when developing solutions in this area. It is essential to maintain a safe environment for personnel to work in while also ensuring a reliable power supply.